Eric Partaker — 3 Simple Productivity Hacks

We sometimes pick up some bad patterns and habits, and no matter how hard we try, we still fall back to old routines. This week’s guest shows you what you can do to break out of this vicious cycle and instead, 3X your ability to achieve your goals!

Eric Partaker is a Peak Performance Expert that helps CEOs and Entrepreneurs scale themselves and their companies, while also improving their well-being. Eric is a big believer in the power of threes, and shares why it doesn’t have to be a huge and complex routine to create new habits!

Eric has a competitive spirit, but he had a massive wake-up call. One day he realized that all of this drive and ambition was really fueled by his insecurity, and it was impacting his health. He found himself having a heart attack on an airplane. He didn’t want to die, he had a five-year-old son to take care of, and yet he would often spend 100 hours at work. Something just didn’t add up right.

Eric shares how his three alarms are such a simple shift in mindset that anyone can incorporate it. One of his clients would set an alarm that said “70-year old me” on it whenever it went off. This gave him the motivation needed to lose 25 pounds within a three-month period. He tapped into identity-driven change by constantly imagining his future self.

What makes this trick so effective is that you’re envisioning the best version of yourself at a specific time of day. This way, you can create small implemental changes without trying to push the whole boulder up a mountain. It gives your mind a psychological boost to act in a simple way and create a positive change.

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