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Bill emphasizes the importance of approaching others with expectation of hearing “yes” rather than bracing for rejection. He points out that expecting a “no” can negatively affect one’s demeanor and the way proposals are presented, potentially leading to self-sabotage before even fully articulating the pitch. To counteract this, Bill advises focusing on the potential “yes”

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Stop Worrying about NO

In this episode the emphasis is on the need for a yes response to our investment pitches, sales, hiring, and project assignments. Bill highlights the crucial need for hearing “yes” more frequently to facilitate growth and scaling in business. He introduces a simple, transformative approach to increase the likelihood of getting affirmative responses without necessarily

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Listening for Yes in what THEY want

Our focus is on transforming the hiring process to make it more manageable and predictable for businesses looking to grow and scale. Bill shares innovative strategies and practical tips for improving hiring practices, emphasizing the importance of creating a large candidate pool and moving candidates through the process efficiently. He advocates for treating the job

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Hiring Process Redesigned

In this episode Bill contrasts the job scorecard’s effectiveness with traditional job descriptions, which he finds overly bureaucratic and filled with generic language. The job scorecard, with its clarity and simplicity, provides a structured framework for outlining the responsibilities, expected outcomes, and key performance indicators (KPIs) for a role, making it an invaluable asset in

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Job Scorecards for Hiring and Performance Coaching

In this episode Bill emphasizes the significant impact of crafting a company manifesto as a foundational tool for embedding cultural elements deeply and swiftly into the organizational fabric. This manifesto should articulate the company’s purpose, its emotional core, the vision for the future, the values guiding its operations, promises made to customers, and a long-term

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Ingraining Culture with a Manifesto

  In this episode, Bill delves into the significance of creating a powerful and positive company culture as a foundational strategy for scaling businesses effectively and sustainably. He likens the ideal company culture to a “good cult,” emphasizing the need for intentional, cult-like qualities within a company to foster unity, commitment, and shared values among

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Culture, creating a strong one

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