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Best Of: Painting a Picture for The New Year

Brian Scudamore on Scaling Up Podcast with Bill Gallagher

As we head into the holiday season, we reflect on the year that is coming to a close, and begin to make resolutions for the upcoming year. Often, these goals and resolutions remain incomplete. How can we avoid that? Today, we’ll be sharing an older podcast episode that will help you learn how to paint a picture for your life and for your future… and show you ways to build plans around it, so that you can actually set and achieve your goals in the New Year.

Elise Keith — Transform Your Meetings Into Something Great!

Subscribe now via: ITunes Meetings can either be great or they can be terrible. The general consensus is that meetings suck, but today’s special guest wants to transform your experience with meetings so that the entire team feels productive and ready to go! Elise Keith is the Founder of Lucid Meetings and the author of Where The […]

Dear Travis, You’re an Asshole. Welcome to the Club!

By now you’ve probably seen or heard of the video of Uber founder Travis Kalanick (Travis Kalanick) going to town on one of his company’s drivers. He’s issued an apology and that’s a great start. But you know what? I’m excited for Travis. He was just presented with undeniable evidence that he’s an asshole. He was forced to admit as much to the world saying he needs to “grow up.” Travis is facing a whole new world of leadership power from this moment forward if he truly embraces the fact that he’s an asshole and learns and grows from it.

The Connection Between Profit and Health

Dave Fuller, a professional business coach and entrepreneur, witnessed a bear come into his camp and attack one of his friends. The amount of stress and fatigue he experienced from the event reminded him of the time he tried to open a second location of his business and the depleting stress he experienced during the first year of growth.

On this episode, Dave Fuller and I dive into the surprising connection between profit and health.

How to Be Unique in Your Industry

Don Smith is the owner and founder of Elite Electronics, a company that takes traditional car mechanics to an entirely new level. Don is the perfect guest for today’s show, because what he is doing in his own industry is completely unique!

Don’s successful business did not happen overnight. He created his company ten years ago, and has been slowly building the company you see today. In this podcast we’ll unpack this to a deeper level. What is Don great at? Despite being so wildly different, how does Don fit in into his industry? And how has this uniqueness gotten him into trouble?

You definitely don’t want to miss out on this conversation with Don. We look at these questions both from a personal and professional level. Find out more by listening to the podcast!

Connecting Your Life Purpose with Your Business

Mike Birdsall is the Co-founder of Birdsall Interactive, FanConneX, and DateBox Club. Mike and his wife, Maureen, are a husband/wife team who have been working together in business for the last 23 years, and married for the last 30 years. On this week’s episode Bill talks to Mike about his business purpose, his life purpose, and how those two come together.

How Purpose is Suppressing Your Results

For so many it is very hard to deliver a clear answer on what their purpose is. The Why of your work is a very powerful thing that can attract, engage, and retain the best people and customers. It can be a huge competitive advantage.

Thought Leadership: From Lifestyle Business to Growth

Guest Post from Evan Harris: When growing a business, entrepreneurs often linger for far too long in the ‘lifestyle business’ stage where growth is flat and operations are convoluted. What happens when you begin to see serious potential, but you lack the direction and know-how to get there? If you have been running a lifestyle […]

Taking the Next Step in Leadership and Growth

On this week’s episode, Rob Sher and I discuss how a clearly communicated vision and operating plan can create better leadership and higher growth.
On this episode, Rob shares a story about his client who recently had been promoted to CEO and had a big problem to solve that he just couldn’t get his head wrapped around.

Finding Time for Everything, Time Secrets of Powerful Teams

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People tells us that we need to focus on important things before the urgent things. We are all waiting for that elusive, magical moment when we have more time, when things get easier, when today’s crisis is over and done with. That is a fantasy that is never going to happen.

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