Scaling Up Insights — Coach Panel with Ami Kassar, Cheryl Biron, and Dominic Monkhouse

In this new episode of Scaling Up Insights, we have panelists, Ami Kassar, CEO of MultiFunding, and the author of The Growth Dilemma; Cheryl Biron, a Business Growth Coach in both Scaling Up and 3HAG methodologies; and Dominic Monkhouse, a Business Growth Architect.

In December of 2020 alone, women accounted for 100% of the jobs lost. Women in the workforce are suffering and it doesn’t look like they’ll be returning to the job market anytime soon. Schools are too unpredictable and the people who can’t afford it are single moms.

With so many women leaving the workforce, Bill is worried about the quality of perspectives and the impact it will have on innovation within companies. In addition to the male/female disparities, the pandemic has deeply impacted the lowest economic class a lot harder and those jobs haven’t come back yet.

When it comes to coming back into work, people are getting emotional that they can finally shake hands with “strangers” and be in the same room with people. In Dominic’s experience, you get more of an impact when you’re in the same room with people, and he believes that’s probably true with most teams and most companies.

Bill believes we’re headed for a hybrid model. Dominic is not so sure. Whenever he worked remotely for international teams, it was apparent he was a second-class citizen. If someone chose not to go to work and work from him, he believes they’d be missing these same benefits too.

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