Getting Real with Taryn Gavagan Bozzo — AV Images

Today’s entrepreneur talks about the career shift she had to undergo to take on her family business, something she never thought she’d take over. She always saw the charismatic side of her father, but never realized the in-depth, and rewarding, “behind the scenes” work that he did for the audio-visual industry.

Taryn joined AV Images as CEO in 2018, the audio-visual production company her father founded in1985. Taryn spent most of her career in local government administration with the City of Dublin City Manager’s Office in California prior to joining the company.

Prior to the pandemic, Taryn’s bread and butter was the tradeshow and conference space, helping her clients set up audiovisuals for their booths, events, and more. Now, they’ve had to make a pivot and are helping their clients navigate this online world much more effectively and to help them bring a high-quality virtual experience to their shows.

Taryn has had a lot of lucky breaks since she came into the business. It came down to connecting with the right people at the right time and being able to rely on them to help the business push to new heights.

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