Jonathan Goldhill — A Business that Lasts Generations

Do you have dreams of passing the business down to your children? Do your children have an interest in the business you’ve started? If yes, then how do you keep a business so strong that it will last many generations to come? Our guest has some answers.

Jonathan Goldhill is a business coach and strategist specializing in guiding next-generation leaders of family businesses to help them scale the business up and keep it within the family. He’s been a coach since 2004 and a small business consultant since 1987!

Jonathan has a personal connection to this industry because his family’s business, started by his great-grandfather, was sold during its third generation of family ownership. He understands the challenges of keeping healthy family relations while holding a business that lasts generations.

It’s very common for entrepreneurs to use their spouse to manage the admin side of things or the accounting side of things, but if they’re not trained on this, then the books can get really hairy quite quickly. It’s not that uncommon for Jonathan to come in and restructure the family roles within the business so that it can thrive and prosper.

A coach can be incredibly valuable to a family business because the children might not want to have tough conversations with their parents. Unfortunately, you will need to have tough conversations with the original owner, especially if that’s what’s needed to free up capital to fully scale and achieve high growth.

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