Ashley Goodall — Nine Big Lies About Work

Have you ever thought you were doing it all wrong? It could well be! Today’s guest shares some big lies about work that will help you get out of your funk and focus on the bigger picture.

Ashley Goodall is an executive, leadership expert, and author of Nine Lies About Work, and has spent his career exploring large organizations from the inside. He is currently the Senior Vice President of Methods and Intelligence at Cisco, where his organization aims to reveal the answers to some of the most challenging questions about work.

Ashley fell into business and when he worked at Deloitte, where they would rate his performance on a scale of 1–5 every year. He hated this process and even more so when he had to do it to other people. Deloitte heard his disdain for it and put him in charge of making their system better.

A theme that runs very powerfully throughout Ashley’s book is that we are humans, we are imperfect, we are different, and too much of the world of work finds that difference annoying. Large organizations make a conscious effort to level the playing field, but what they’re really saying is that they’re uncomfortable with human difference.

The best organizations and the best teams have figured out how to help people prosper and grow within their organization using their unique talents and differences. Human individuality and uniqueness is a critical feature, not a bug! And, it’s the most important feature of them all.

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