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Stacey Bare on Scaling Up Business Podcast

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Stacey Bare on Scaling Up Business Podcast.

Growing and scaling your business is tough work! You have your team to manage but then you also have your family life too. Raising a family, relationship issues; it can all start to compound itself. Today’s show is all about reconnecting with yourself so that you can show up 100% in each area of your life.

Stacy Bare is a veteran of the Iraq war and is the Founder of Bare LLC, a consulting firm working to grow healthy organizations, people, and places through health and adventure. He is also the Founder of Adventure Not War, which aims to climb, ski, and adventure in places veterans have fought in.

People in all walks of life are going through some tough challenges. Leaders are having mental breaks, relationships are falling apart, and some even choose to end their life. Sometimes, leaders feel like they can’t always share what they’re going through.

When Stacy got home from Iraq, he went to graduate school and thought he was going to get a great job and live in a trendy apartment in a hip neighborhood. However, it was 2009 and he was unable to find a job. He was depressed and now realizes he was also suffering from PTSD at the time.

A friend of Stacy’s got him outdoors and into rock climbing while he was still job searching, and it changed everything for him. In 2012, Stacy began to think of how he could make Adventure Not War a reality. He wanted to go back to places he’s served to take control of his narrative and to heal.

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