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How do you get in the Zone?

There’s a lot of great writing on being in The Zone but I am amused that one author wrote that “Being in The Zone is when everything goes right!” I couldn’t disagree more.

Can you roll with it?

More lunchtime reflection.

Last Friday I had some great news on a big project, and then this morning, Monday, I had some very frustrating news. My reaction was immediate, strong, and emotional. Fortunately, my reaction was also personal and internal, and not expressed to others immediately.

How to Reboot and Recharge a CEO

Alex came to me recently and said “Bill, I think I’ve lost my passion for work. I’m beginning to think this whole business is maybe not for me.”

Have you ever felt like you were losing your passion? It’s not uncommon to lose your zeal when you experience setbacks. These are the questions I use to help my executive coaching clients.

Thoughts on the stages of a new habit

At the Oakland Grill counter. Post steak salad lunch, on a warm and sunny Friday. Avoiding my daily writing task. I took on writing daily but have not been hitting the daily part just yet.

It seems that anytime we take on something new, we go through some stages…

Roll with the punches!

Can you roll with the punches? My coaching client didn’t think he could take any more. Rejection, or, hearing “no” is part of the process of business and life. And if you want to get past the “no,” you have to be able to stay loose and roll with the punches.

Go Big or Go Home!

A good friend had invited me to go surfing countless times, but I finally accepted when the destination was inspiring and the opportunity grand. Big goals inspire, excite, and motivate people. I’ve got four simple steps you can take this week that will explode your business results.