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Don’t be a downer

The thoughts and expectations we have for the future, actually shape our actions, mannerisms, tone, and the impression we make on others. If you can alter your thoughts, you can change your actions, the impression you leave, and even the results that you get.

Ignore the little voice in your head

Unfortunately, too many people let their own worries overwhelm a conversation. They listen too much to the little voice in their own head, and not enough to the other person in the real conversation…

How to get more yeses

How is it that some people are able to get “yeses,” while others are often met with a “no” answer? Is it that some of us are smarter, better-looking, and more talented? Nope. You can get more yeses today…..

Get a Bigger Boat: Tip Five of High-Performance Coaching

Like any new goal, sometimes the effort of any new initiative seems impossible at first. You will need to help your employees and clients create new habits and methods that will support their new initiatives. Simply wanting to be a high performer isn’t enough. They also need to invent a new approaches. Read on to learn how…