The Power of Being Bold

Bill Gallagher

There are two ways to double your business. One is really hard, and one is significantly easier, and the difference is boldness.


It can take a long time to double your revenue, but 10X thinking can change everything. When you think on a 10X level, it becomes easier to reimagine everything. Boldness brings with it an excited kind of terror, but are you ready to play a big, bold game? If so, you need a BHAG.


Your BHAG needs to challenge you to think bigger than ever before. Consider Kennedy committing the U.S. to winning the race to the moon or Daniel Burnham’s invitation to do something truly awesome that has the magic to stir men’s (or women’s) blood. That is the kind of inspiration that people can get behind.


There is power in declaring your vision boldly, but there is also a balance that has to be met. It has to be something that has never been done before, it has to be something worth doing, and it has to be aligned with your purposes. But it has to be declared within reason. Bill Galagher might not be the next man in space; Elon Musk is a more likely candidate. Be awesome, but don’t be absurd.



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