The Leadership Flywheel

Bill Gallagher

There isn’t only a flywheel in business, there is a flywheel for you as a leader as well. There are four key skills that leaders can employ at every stage of growth.


First, start with your why. What is the deep meaning that helps you grow the company? Purpose and vision are inspiring and can help people get excited about what the future could be.


Second, consider what’s in it for you. Engagement is a decision in action. People who are engaged not only know their role in what can be done, they are ready to make it happen.


Next, bring effective planning practices into the game. Start with the end in mind, consider what could go wrong, and deal with setbacks.


And finally, offer great coaching. A great coach listens more, providing a space for insights, and reminds their team of the reasons they were inspired in the first place.


If you’re feeling stuck, consider where you are in the leadership flywheel, where you can jump back in, and how you can create leaders who create leaders.



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