Morné Smit — Sales Playbook for Greater Sales & Profit

Bill Gallagher

What is a sales playbook, and how can it change the way you develop a powerful company culture? A sales playbook is designed to help deliver the kind of results you are aiming for.


Morné Smit has spent his life elevating respect for sales and marketing professionals in dozens of companies across 28-plus industries on three continents.


Developing from a salesperson to leading sales teams in six different industries, including spearheading a 10X growth outcome over five years in a mid-market property company, Morné gained invaluable insight, knowledge, and experience over two decades that brought him to found Emerse in 2017.


Too many fledgling companies have figured out how to grow fast but without a decent profit or a predictable growth trajectory. With an effective sales book, you can not only grow sales fast but profitably and predictably too. Systematic, repeatable sales — not rockstar salespeople — are the key to top-level performance.


Morné highlights the successes he has seen from companies that are willing to utilize a playbook that includes skipping over the “let me go talk to my manager” bureaucracy. The power of the playbook comes from empowering your team to change the narrative of their interactions and setting aside the salesperson ego to recognize and celebrate the successes of the entire team.


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