Managing a Positive Cash Flow with Peter Kingma

Bill Gallagher

If maintaining positive cash flow is keeping you up at night, this is the conversation you need to hear. Once you’ve got cash figured out, everything runs more smoothly.


Peter Kingma works with multinational clients and leads EY Working Capital services in the Americas. Corporate leaders entrust him to help liberate cash through operational improvements, which help in reducing costs and improving service quality. His new book, Cash Is King, discusses why your company’s cash position should be on an equal footing with sales, cost, and service, and how to make that happen.


Positive cash flow is all about timing. When the receipts coming in parallel with the disbursements going out, the results are simple. So is Peter’s advice — collect faster, pay slower, and don’t hold onto as much inventory.


His new book offers a novel-like approach to a company that is getting cash flow all wrong, and the tactics that can turn everything around. Peter highlights experiences he has had that prove that while every dollar of cash has the same value, not every dollar of cash deployed offers the same rate of return. Positive cash flow is only achieved when businesses focus on the favorable terms that actually benefit the company.


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