How we make business growth easier, faster & more fun

January 19

Hey, there. I’m Bill Gallagher, and I want you to know that scaling up doesn’t have to be so hard. If you ever wish that there was an easier way to grow your business, if you wished you didn’t have to work so hard or put in as many hours if you found it too slow and too hard to sustain growth, then we’ve got some solutions for you. We make the whole thing easier, faster, and more fun. And while any kind of a business coach could say that and most do, we have the experience and the tools to make it. Now, you can use our scaling up framework, the Gallup development tools, strength tools, and some of our leadership tools on your own. 

They’re available. They’re out there. We’re using the best of tools, but we have the experience and expertise. Coaching hundreds and thousands of companies, both coaching and training over more than a decade of working across more than 13 countries and 28 plus cities around the world now. 
So we’ve really learned how to make it easier and faster than you would do on your own, modeling through it. Right. You could do it. And those things are available, but we’re just going to speed the whole thing up and take a load off you in that. 

And then the more fun bit, well, that’s a matter of opinion. But we think that our attitude, the environment and our methods make a difference. So we often have our trainings and annual planning and strategy work and all that kind of thing in places like Oceanside and Mountaintops. 
We use inspiring views and great venues with great workshop methods to engage more people to make the whole thing playful. And the clients that we work with that actually like us in that approach appreciate that way of thinking and working. 

As a result of that, on average now, our clients have more than doubled in two years or less. And we’ve created and filled over 13,000 jobs. We’ve raised over $2 billion in funding with our companies, and they’ve done 44 plus acquisitions at this point, and we’re at nine going on our tenths exit for companies. Now, I I mentioned that we worked around the world. We’ve coached and trained over 9000 over the last ten years alone, and have helped over 700,000 with our weekly show and podcast on Scaling Up that you can find on this website or in any of our platforms. 

So we do have the training and the coaching that you and your leaders need. We’ve got workshops, boot camps, master classes, CEO coaching, and team coaching. How can we help you? What would you like? What are your goals? The kinds of companies that we love to find have huge goals, and they’re open and interested in new approaches to them. They would love a hand with doing it. How can you help you? 

Please let us know. 


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