How to Get More Action

Bill Gallagher

What is the number one thing that gets in the way of successful leaders? Surprise — the answer is you. Too often leaders are the reason that commitment and action just aren’t happening.

If you want more action out of your people, partners, and customers, set your fears and doubts about yourself aside. Bill had a conversation with a CEO who was struggling to raise his rates but was also struggling with his perception of himself based on his childhood experiences. Bill’s suggestions for this man gave him the opportunity to see himself in a new light, which resulted in success all around.

Too often our personal doubts and concerns get in the way of our success. When you’re focusing on yourself and not on the people you’re trying to do business with, you just can’t be nearly as effective. But when you are comfortable with yourself and focused on the other person, success is almost guaranteed.

Increase your self-awareness. Deal with your insecurities, but set them aside whenever you are supposed to be focusing on the other person.



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