Getting the Rhythm Right

Bill Gallagher

Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.” We may agree with Winston Churchhill, but how is this possible? How can plans themselves be of such little value but planning is indispensable?


Plans have a purpose — they bring the team together and begin the execution process, but then things inevitably change. Ideally, we are constantly creating new plans because it is in the act of planning that plans are made.


Finding the balance between planning and executing is essential to getting the job done and growing your business. Don’t worry about figuring it out yourself, just follow the footsteps of so many who have come before you. Annual strategy planning, quarterly updates, weekly adjustments, daily huddles, and one-on-one coaching are all part of an effective planning process.


The secret to planning success? Getting the rhythm right. If there isn’t a predictable cadence to your meetings, you aren’t going to experience the success that planning can offer. Create a predictable rhythm that your entire organization moves to.



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