Functional Accountability: FACe Tool

Bill Gallagher

In this episode, we delve into the essential strategies for fostering teamwork and driving growth within your company. 

I introduce the concept of the “Functional Accountability Chart Exercise,” which aims to clarify roles and responsibilities, boost productivity, and streamline operations. We explore the importance of eliminating ambiguity in ownership, ensuring individuals take full accountability for their tasks, and distributing workload effectively to prevent burnout. 

Join me as we discuss key roles like marketing, R&D, sales, operations, finance, IT, HR, talent development, and customer advocacy, all crucial for achieving sustainable growth and success.


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Bill Gallagher, Scaling Coach and host of the show, is an international business coach who works with C-Suite leaders to achieve breakthrough growth.

We help leadership teams with the biggest decisions around People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash so that they can Scale Up successfully and beat the odds of business growth. Scaling Up is based on Verne’s original best-selling business book, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits.

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