Delegating as a Leader with Dave Kerpen

Bill Gallagher

Effective leaders know how to delegate the things they don’t do well — or don’t want to do well — so that they can focus on their strengths and move the company toward greater success.


Dave Kerpen is currently an advisor to many companies and is the CEO/Co-Founder of Apprentice, a platform that connects entrepreneurs and business leaders with smart and motivated college students looking for real-world experience and mentorship. Dave’s new book, Get Over Yourself, shares the roadmap for how you can shift your mindset (and your workload) to focus on the things most important for your business, your employees, and you.


Dave calls himself a serial entrepreneur and is the first to admit that he has made plenty of delegating mistakes over the years. But failing doesn’t mean the game is over, it simply means that now you have more information to learn from as you keep moving forward.


But should effective leaders learn how to do everything themselves before delegating some tasks to others? Dave says no. Rather, it’s arrogant for a leader to think that they would be the best option for all tasks compared to the team they have assembled around them. Instead, leaders should focus on the SHARE strategy — Set the vision for the company, get the Hiring piece right, and assure Access to REsources and cash to get the job done.


Too many leaders assume that they are the best fit for every aspect of the work, and as a result, they get stuck doing the work that would be best delegated to someone else. Effective leaders trust others, including young people who are just entering the workforce, to fill in the gaps and share their knowledge for the greater collective good of the company.


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