Core Values, how to develop and use them

Bill Gallagher

In this insightful episode, Bill delves into the essence and significance of company core values, demystifying how to get them right and why they are so crucial for creating a thriving, scalable business. He emphasizes that core values are not mere aspirational statements or the embodiment of desired traits but rather a reflection of how a company operates at its best. Bill argues that core values should guide the behavior and decisions within a company, ensuring it grows in a way that remains true to its founding principles without becoming overwhelming or diverging into something the founder no longer recognizes or loves.

Bill advises against common pitfalls such as creating too many or too few core values, suggesting an optimal number of five to maintain focus and memorability. He strongly cautions against using generic business terms like integrity, communication, or teamwork as core values, advocating instead for richer, more descriptive phrases that evoke a clear picture and resonate more deeply with team members. Through examples, he illustrates how to transform generic terms into meaningful, actionable values that genuinely reflect the company’s culture and operational ethos. This episode serves as a guide for entrepreneurs and business leaders aiming to build a distinct and enduring company culture anchored in authentic core values.

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