Lori Michele Leavitt — The Pivot Catalyst

Bill Gallagher

The companies that last are the ones that are willing to pivot and adapt, and that have leaders who know how to lead the way.


Lori Michele Leavitt has coached, consulted, and trained hundreds of leaders around the world to achieve their objectives and generate momentum. She speaks globally on catalyzing momentum, leading, pivoting, and workplace culture change.


Lori is the founder and president of Abrige Corp., which offers the Aligned Momentum (A.M.)® leadership operating system to help managers lead better. She also leads the global 10x!® business & leadership peer groups.


Pivoting” conjures up the idea of quick change, but the actual change from where you are to where you want to be is never a quick move. Pivoting requires orchestration, which only begins when a moment of pause provides clarity. Lori’s books, The Pivot and Pivot to Clarity, focus on that moment and the clarity that comes before the pivot can happen.


Lori shares several examples of companies that have successfully — and unsuccessfully — pivoted. The difference between the two is the ability to take input, be aware of innovation, and exhibit a willingness to change.


The strategies for pivoting are tried and true, but will only happen effectively when the leader is willing to put those steps into action. Stop telling yourself that you’re special or don’t have to put in the work; just put your head down and make the change happen.


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