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Personal Strategic Planning

At the end of the year, we turn inward and consider New Year’s Resolutions. This reflection can be powerful, but let’s face it, it is often superficial. Life isn’t about losing another 10 pounds, running a marathon, or finally learning how to play the guitar. While those things might bring you a measure of satisfaction, they are not life altering.

Everything Going According to Plan?

“Everyone Has a Plan, Until They Get Punched in the Face.” Mike Tyson’s brilliant observation may be his greatest contribution to the world. Every year, and at the start of every major initiative, we make plans. Whether you next get punched in the face, or simply fail to land your own blows, you’ve got to come up with a new plan. Or, you’d better get used to the same old results.

The App That Gets Your Team Aligned

“How do I know if my employees’ priorities align with the organization?” This is a question Andy Bailey gets asked a lot. When an entire company is aligned around a few top priorities, each person on the team understands how his role fits into the bigger picture of the organization’s goals. And the company hits its goals a lot more often.

Is Your Execution Flawless?

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Time for Course Correction

No matter how brilliant your plans were at the start of the year, you are certainly off-course right now. It’s time for a course correction here’s how to…

Do You Have a Business Theme?

A business theme is like a rallying cry. It helps to align your team and keep them focused on the most important things. Read on for how to create and get the most out of a theme…