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Tuesday’s Tips — Your Next Steps

What are your next steps? Do you know? Are you feeling a bit lost in your entrepreneurial journey and not sure what makes the most sense for you and your business? Bill has some thoughts for you! Bill had a client who felt a bit scatterbrained on where she wanted to take her business. Although […]

Getting Real with Mark Colgan — Speak On Podcasts

Today’s Getting Real episode is all podcast guest booking, when it makes sense to start a podcast, and of course, it highlights this entrepreneur’s journey from how he got into this space and some of his challenges. Mark Colgan is an Entrepreneur and Revenue Leader responsible for increasing revenue across a small portfolio of companies […]

Tuesday’s Tips — Have You Hit a Ceiling?

Have you plateaued professionally and not sure how you can get to the next level? Bill has a quick tip for you today!  Bill was working with a client some years ago and he was frustrated. He felt like he hit a ceiling and he couldn’t figure out how to increase his rates, his growth, […]

Getting Real with Nora Herting — Image Think.

Today’s Getting Real episode is all about the importance of visualizing the future and how it can help your business and your business trajectory.  Nora Herting is the Founder of Image Think and is passionate about expanding peoples’ definition of creativity and believes the best way to meet the demands of business today is to […]

Heather Hansen — The Art of Asking for What You Want

If you don’t ask, you don’t receive, but there’s an eloquent way of asking in order for you to have it all. It first starts with being an advocate for yourself and your needs. You are your own best advocate and today’s guest will show you how to get exactly what you ask for.  Heather […]

Tuesday’s Tips — Struggling to Find Happiness?

Are you suffering through some circumstances right now that you can’t seem to get out of? Are you feeling really frustrated? It sucks to be going through this in the moment, but the good news is, there is a solution. You can find a way out of this. When Bill turned 40, he found himself […]

Scaling Up Insights — Coach Panel with Dominic Monkhouse and Daniel Marcos

There’s a lot to cover in this week’s Scaling Up Insights show! We have two returning guests, Dominic Monkhouse and Daniel Marcos. Both of these growth coaches talk about what’s on their summer reading list, understanding customer and employee data, and inflation making a comeback! All this and more, in today’s episode. Bust Buy’s Turnaround […]

Tuesday’s Tips — In a Rut?

Are you feeling a bit off right now? Or maybe you’ve felt a little “blah” in the past and you’ve slowly gotten yourself out of it, but you’ve always wondered how did you get into that place in the first place? Bill’s got a tip for you. Bill had a client come to him during […]

Getting Real with René Serbon — Dermal Systems Inc.

This week’s exciting entrepreneur is René Serbon! She is an International Skin Expert and Aesthetician. She helps people grow their skin business in a unique way and René consults fellow Aestheticians, Physicians, and Dermatologists to become confident and profitable entrepreneurs. René not only helps her clients grow, but she also provides additional education on the […]

Jennifer Hudye — Craft Your Vivid Vision

A vision is critical to your success, but how do you go about creating one? What pieces should you include and not include? This week’s guest has some answers for you today!  Jennifer Hudye is the Founder and CEO of Conscious Copy & Co. where they help entrepreneurs communicate their vision and message in a […]

Tuesday’s Tips — Aligning Purpose with Work and Play

Is your work going well, but the rest of your life is in disarray? Are you missing some play or some fun in your life? Do you feel like you have no balance happening right now? Bill has found himself in a very similar position. He was making some progress in the business, but he […]