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Nigel Bennett — Make a Difference

Today’s guest has devoted his life to environmental and social responsibility projects and boldly advocates for “risking it all for what really matters,” Here’s how you can think about your business and how it interacts with a purpose-driven mission a little bit differently on this week’s show! Nigel Bennett is also the Co-Founder of Aqua-Guard […]

Tuesday’s Tips — Dashboards and KPIs

Are you having trouble getting your team’s performance up? Do you feel like you’re working -on- things, but you can’t see the real tangible results? Bill worked with a client a few years ago, but something that really stood out was the way they utilized whiteboards across executive leadership as well with their own middle […]

Getting Real with Mike Birdsall — Datebox Club

In this Getting Real series, Bill sits down with Mike Birdsall to learn more about his entrepreneurial journey. Mike is the co-founder of DateBox Club, a monthly date night subscription box. Prior to DateBox Club, Mike launched Birdsall Interactive, a web design firm, and FanConneX, an in-venue sports fan experience. Mike has been an entrepreneur […]

David Horsager — What Makes a Trusted Leader?

Are you working on the right things as a leader? When leaders struggle with influence, direction, and having everyone work together as a team, the key component that might be missing is trust. Today’s guest has more on how you can build this vital skill. David Horsager, MA, CSP, CPAE, is the CEO of TrustEdge […]

Tuesday’s Tips — Develop a Meeting Cadence

Where do we find the time for all the meetings we have to do within the company? Daily meetings, quarterly meetings, off-site meetings, annual meetings, etc. It just feels like our agendas get filled up quickly with meetings and meetings, and we have very little time for real work. Bill was working with a company […]

Tuesday’s Tips — Job Scorecard

Are you struggling with getting around to your one-on-ones with your team? Do you find that they’re not particularly effective or a good use of your time? Or the simple fact that you don’t want to tag on another meeting to your already swamped day? Bill was working with a SaaS company and they were […]

Erik Qualman — How to Focus in an Unfocused World

Do you have trouble focusing? Don’t worry, this is a common problem many people have! When we’re being thrown so many things on the news, on social media, in our businesses, it’s hard to keep present on the important things. Here are some solutions to help manage these pain points and keep you focused! Erik […]

Tuesday’s Tips — One-Page Personal Plan

Are you having trouble with team performance? Do you feel like your team is just disinterested? As leaders, we always want to get the most out of our people, but how can we do this without running a dictatorship? If you want people to be passionate about their work and strive for new heights, the […]

Brett Putter — Own Your Culture (Virtually Too)!

Today we’re talking about culture! How do you maintain culture when you’re working from home? Today’s guest knows how to navigate this delicate space and has some answers for you! It’s not as difficult as you think it might be! Brett Putter is an expert in company culture development who is consulted by companies and […]

John Warrillow — The Art of Selling Your Business

When it comes to scaling up, some Founders have dreams of selling their business but aren’t sure how to go about it. Are you confused and not sure where you should even begin? Well, today’s guest has sold four companies and knows a little bit about the art of selling your business for a high […]

William Fikhman — Navigating Amazon’s Complex Marketplace

Let’s talk about Amazon. If you’re impacted by e-commerce or thinking about getting into this space, this is one tech giant you shouldn’t ignore. Today’s guest knows how to win in the world of Amazon. William Fikhman is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Amazzia, a firm that helps brands navigate the complex world […]

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