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Karen Tiber Leland — Make Time For Marketing

Marketing can be a big monster to tackle all at once. Everyone knows it’s importance, yet it seems no one really has enough time for it. Today’s guest shares how to get ahead of marketing so that you can lead it, direct it, and be intentional with it. Karen Tiber Leland is the Founder of […]

Tuesday’s Tips — No Time to Work ON the Business!

How many entrepreneurs, CEOs, and leaders feel so stressed out that they can’t seem to work on the business? If you’re one of them, don’t worry, you’re not alone. With everything a leader has to manage, it can be hard to even find time to think! It doesn’t matter what size you are. Bill hears […]

Getting Real with Brittany Phelps — Prana Preneurs

Today’s entrepreneur shares her love for movement, the outdoors, yoga, and the importance of living and leading a joyous life through connection with your body and mind. Brittany Phelps is the Founder of Prana Preneurs, a mentorship program for entrepreneurs passionate about creating conscious businesses. She works with her clients to help them feel good […]

Guy Perelmuter — Reshaping The World Through Technology

New technologies are coming up everyday and it’s difficult to keep up. However, this actually has been true in our society for thousands of years. Our guest shares a couple of interesting history lessons about how our technology has developed over the years and why it makes sense that we’ve finally arrived -here-.   Guy Perelmuter […]

Tuesday’s Tips — Managing the Whispers and Side Conversations

Do you have a lot of back-channel conversations? They’re basically water cooler chats that don’t seem to make sense for the bigger vision of the company. They are usually people within the company who are pulling vital team members aside to converse about an upcoming project, etc. because they don’t feel comfortable talking to the […]

Getting Real with Kait LeDonne — Brandwise Media

This week’s entrepreneur shares her story from corporate America to going her own way in the personal branding space. She shares some of her biggest mistakes, challenges, and more! Kait LeDonne is the Founder of Brandwise Media, a personal branding agency based in New York, which builds executive and author personal brands using content marketing […]

Tuesday’s Tips — Can’t Seem to Move the Needle?

Do you feel stuck in your business? You’re doing everything and doing nothing at the same time? And the little progress you do seem to make, ends up with more arguments and confusion in the end? Bill took over a company several years ago and the old leadership team was still there. No matter what […]

Getting Real with Ryan Kugler — Plan B Distribution

Today’s entrepreneur got his start in the entertainment industry and has experienced more than one lucky break in his career. He shares some of the best advice, and biggest mistakes, he’s made in his career in this week’s episode! Ryan Kugler is an entrepreneur and strategist with over 25 years of experience in building profitable […]

Jennifer Turliuk — Cultivating Innovation Within Our Children

We all understand the importance of working on ourselves and continuing our education, but how do we instill some of these principles into our children, too? Today’s guest has some answers. Jennifer Turliuk is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and career coach. She is the founder and CEO of Maker Kids, the first and largest makerspace […]

Tuesday’s Tips — My Business Doesn’t Look Right!

Does it ever feel like your business doesn’t look like you think it should? It just doesn’t feel right? Do you think your team is mismatched? Does your gut just keep telling you something is off? If things don’t “feel” good in your business, that could be because there is a mismatch in your company […]

Getting Real with Taryn Gavagan Bozzo — AV Images

Today’s entrepreneur talks about the career shift she had to undergo to take on her family business, something she never thought she’d take over. She always saw the charismatic side of her father, but never realized the in-depth, and rewarding, “behind the scenes” work that he did for the audio-visual industry. Taryn joined AV Images […]

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