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Nick Egan – The Art of Transforming Limitations

We all want better results. We want to accomplish things yet we have limitations. But, what if we could shift it all and achieve new heights without these limitations? What if the limitations you have aren’t as real as you thought they were? Today’s guest has some insight. Nick Egan is a performance coach and […]

Doug Walner – Scale Efficiently with Align

As your company gets bigger, business owners discover a tough problem — you become less and less in touch with what your employees are doing and you don’t know if you’re on track with your goals. And if you do regular quarterly meetings, another problem that arises is that your actions are not tightly aligned […]

Jennifer Peek – Building Company Value

Business owners are always looking for ways to improve their company value. They might want to sell the company later down the road or even get more financing, and their company has to have the numbers to justify it. However, there are three big mistakes companies make when it comes to improving their company value, […]

Susan Packard – Leaders That Have Emotional Fitness

We’ve got to work on ourselves before we can work on anybody else. As leaders, emotional intelligence is something we constantly have to work on and improve upon. Today’s guest dives into how you can become emotionally fit in work, leadership, and life. Susan Packard is the author of two books, including her most recent […]

Stacy Bare — Adventure Not War

Stacey Bare on Scaling Up Business Podcast

Growing and scaling your business is tough work! You have your team to manage but then you also have your family life too. Raising a family, relationship issues; it can all start to compound itself. Today’s show is all about reconnecting with yourself so that you can show up 100% in each area of your life.

Elizabeth Crook — Why Build a Purpose-Driven Company?

Elizabeth Crook on Scaling Up Business Podcast

Elizabeth Crook on Scaling Up Business Podcast.

Purpose-driven companies who are focused on doing the
right thing. Words like ‘fair trade,’ ‘eco-friendly,’ and
‘triple-bottom-line’ are commonly associated with these companies,
but does it all really matter to a scaling-up business? Today’s show
dives into the difference a purpose-centered business can really

Brian Scudamore — Willing To Fail

Brian Scudamore on Scaling Up Business Podcast

We intellectually understand the value of failure, but so few of us actually want to experience it. How can we embrace failure with less of the sting? Is it even possible? How can we freely experiment and try new things, whether it works or not, so that we can achieve growth in our industry?

Jerry Kane — People Are the Real Key to Digital Transformation

Jerry Kane on Scaling Up Business Podcast

In today’s day and age, being digital is a big buzzword. It’s true, there is an importance to being digital, but there is also a technology fallacy. The people behind the tech are really the ones that can make and break the technology. So, how can you create a happy blend of technology, people, and scaling up?

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