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Josh Linkner — The Road to Reinvention

We all know the benefits of having a conscious culture where innovation and reinventing are rewarded and supported, but realistically, most of us are not innovating or reinventing. Today’s guest shares how to incorporate the right structures to make innovation easy! Josh Linkner is a five-time tech entrepreneur, hyper-growth CEO, two-time NY Times bestselling author, […]

Jonathan Slain — Rock the Recession

We are all in the same storm, but not in the same boat. We have seen throughout history that when a recession hits, it comes in waves. Today’s episode is all about how to navigate whatever the future holds so that you and your business come out stronger! Jonathan Slain coaches high-growth leadership teams across […]

Tom Peters — People Help Unlock Your Business to New Heights

People are often a challenge for business leaders and sometimes it can even be difficult to source the right types of talent. Everything in business revolves around people. They are your asset. Today’s guest shares how people are the key to helping you get through tough challenges. Tom Peters is author of 17 books and […]

Scaling Up Insights — Coach Panel with Lisa Ridley and Daniel Marcos

This week, Bill Gallagher, Lisa Ridley, and Daniel Marcos discuss the new developments that are happening in the World of Scaling Up and cover news topics related to what’s happening in the country. Let’s talk about diversity in light of the recent police brutality attacks. It’s a tough topic because there are two white people […]

Bruce Rowley — All Things Marketing

We can all get better at our marketing and today’s show is how you can implement easy marketing strategies into your business right now. You don’t need any special or creative mojo to get these strategies to work, simplicity is key! Bruce Rowley is the Founder of RSMarketing, which offers data-driven outsourced marketing services. They […]

Todd Palmer — The Power of Asking for Help

As the world changes and you’re busy focusing on what new tools to use, business models, pivots you have to do in your business, there is another thing you might want to pay attention to: yourself. Today’s guest helps ask some key questions on how you can evolve and grow during these critical pivots. Todd […]

Ari Meisel — The Art of Less Doing

This year, it might be smart to do a little bit less than you normally would. Can you actually make your company better and more valuable by doing less, though? The answer is yes! This week’s guest is a master of tackling overwhelm and simplifying your life. Ari Meisel is the best-selling author of The […]

Chin Beckman — Client Case Study in the Audio Industry

This week, Bill features a client case study! Chin Beckman is the owner of DSP Concepts, an audio platform powering over 40 million of the world’s best devices and the leading supplier to top tier brands in automotive and consumer products like Tesla, GoPro, and Bang & Olufsen, among others. They recently closed a round […]

Malorie Nicole — How to Shift the Stress Epidemic

How have you been sleeping? How are you feeling lately? Do you feel off? It’s critical to take care of your mental health and your mental state during times of crisis and stress. Our guest today has practical thoughts on what you can do to feel better now. Malorie Nicole is a Mindset Expert and […]

Kevin Hundal — Pivoting During Lockdown

Many businesses are hurting right now, so this is an excellent opportunity to look at ways you can pivot and adjust your business model as we embrace a new daily normal. Today’s guest had his business close overnight, but through some careful thinking has reopened his doors and has kept his staff employed. Kevin Hundal […]

Robert Glazer — Adapting to a New Normal

There are many lessons from people navigating these times right now! If you’re worried about how to maintain your routine or keep connected with your personal and professional relationships, this week’s guest has some suggestions on how to start. Robert Glazer is the Founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners, a global performance marketing agency. He […]

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