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Neil Gordon — How to Tell a Story that Sticks

Ever wondered what makes a story stick? Do you have trouble getting your messaging to sound just right? Are your pitches just plain boring? Today’s guest is all about electrifying your story so that it’s on everybody’s minds.  Neil Gordon works with entrepreneurs, executives, influencers, and thought leaders to overcome their messaging struggles. He helps […]

Paul Brown — How to Attract Lifetime Customers

It can be difficult to hang on to your loyal customers as you begin to scale and grow, especially if you plan to increase your prices. Today’s guest knows a thing or two about keeping customers for life, no matter the circumstances. Paul Brown is the creator and writer of the What’s Offline column, which […]

Tuesday Tips — The Right Kind of Attention

Need more eyes on your business? We all understand the power of having something go viral, but where business owners fall short is that they are willing to do anything, no matter the costs, to get that attention. Here’s how you can be strategic in your quest for more attention and get the right kind […]

Tuesday’s Tips — Accomplish Extraordinary Things

Is there someone on your team trying to sell you on why they haven’t been hitting their numbers? Or are you trying to sell yourself on why you can’t achieve certain KPIs? If that’s the case, then this episode is for you! How do people accomplish extraordinary things when it doesn’t look or sound very […]

Tuesday’s Tips — Not Good Enough?

Do you sometimes feel defeated and like you’re never going to be good enough? Are you worried that you’ll never truly measure up and enjoy the success you do have? Bill can relate. He was the same way! He felt that maybe “one day” he’ll be done. Until something clicked in place for him. He […]

Getting Real with Anastasia Leng — CreativeX

In this week’s episode of Getting Real, we learn about an entrepreneur and her journey towards working with some of the world’s leading companies and how she provides intentional, and measurable, creativity.  Anastasia Leng is the Founder & CEO of CreativeX, an automated creative excellence platform that aims to showcase creative expression through the clarity […]

Deborah Westphal — Let’s Build a Human-Centric Future

What is a human-centric business? For business owners that want to scale and grow, they have to move away from a purely systems and process structure and focus on the human element. The biggest resource drain in any organization is its people. They are hard to predict, and sometimes difficult to manage. Today’s guest has […]

Tuesday’s Tips — Life’s Out of Whack

Are you feeling a little out of whack right now? Are you not quite sure what’s going on but you just feel “off”? Leaders go through these phases all the time. Here’s how you can get back on track. Bill was working with a franchise client and it was apparent that this entrepreneur had her […]

Getting Real with Ankur Agarwal — Clarion Technologies

In this Getting Real episode, Bill and his guest dive into the intersection of people and process, and how you can leverage this power so that you can scale and grow!  This week’s guest is Ankur Agarwal! He is an active Angel Investor and the CEO of Clarion Technologies, a company he co-founded in early […]

Josh Linkner — Big Little Breakthroughs

There’s a lot of pressure to innovate and break through ceilings. It’s not always easy, and it can be a double-edged sword. You put too much stress on it and you won’t be able to create. Put too little emphasis on it and there’s no direction. Where’s the fine balance? Today’s guest has ways to […]

Carol Sanford — How to Create a Responsible Business

Why does responsibility matter? Why should there be balance? Why is all of this even important? Today’s guest has some answers and suggestions on how you can become a more responsible business. Carol Sanford is an award-winning Business Educator, Summit Producer, Podcaster, and Author. She is a regularly recognized thought leader and has worked alongside […]

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