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Personal Strategic Planning

At the end of the year, we turn inward and consider New Year’s Resolutions. This reflection can be powerful, but let’s face it, it is often superficial. Life isn’t about losing another 10 pounds, running a marathon, or finally learning how to play the guitar. While those things might bring you a measure of satisfaction, they are not life altering.

How Purpose is Suppressing Your Results

For so many it is very hard to deliver a clear answer on what their purpose is. The Why of your work is a very powerful thing that can attract, engage, and retain the best people and customers. It can be a huge competitive advantage.

Paint a Big Vision and Execute It

Brian Scudamore and I discuss the process of how he comes up with big vision ideas and how he’s able to get his team to execute them. Brian Scudamore is the Founder and CEO of 1-800-Got-Junk? and has been running the company since 1989.

Do You Have a Business Theme?

A business theme is like a rallying cry. It helps to align your team and keep them focused on the most important things. Read on for how to create and get the most out of a theme…

Kickoff and Take Charge This Year!

A great team needs a powerful planning session, a good huddle, and a big kickoff, to deliver a great game. I’m going to share my secrets now, so that you can run your own meeting like a pro! Here are 5 steps to kicking off a great year…

The Secret Power of Choice

What if there was a far more powerful way to choose? The process of choice is simple, right? We consider all the options, weigh risks and benefits, and then choose the best option. But there IS a much more powerful kind of choice that makes a difference with everything…

Set the World on Fire: 7 Secrets of Power PR

Some of the most worthwhile companies and projects languish with no media attention while others have exploded with global coverage and buzz. What’s different? Is it luck? An insider conspiracy? Nope. The people I’ve worked with have produced unprecedented results by following a few simple steps. You can do it too, and you won’t need a huge budget or a big PR firm to get major results.