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How to Stop Fitting In, and Start Winning More

I think we should all stop trying to fit in and be more true to ourselves. But don’t mistake being yourself and being unique with permission to be obnoxious. That would be missing the point. We can embrace our uniqueness while also being fully responsible for the impact we have on others. Here’s how…

Everything Going According to Plan?

“Everyone Has a Plan, Until They Get Punched in the Face.” Mike Tyson’s brilliant observation may be his greatest contribution to the world. Every year, and at the start of every major initiative, we make plans. Whether you next get punched in the face, or simply fail to land your own blows, you’ve got to come up with a new plan. Or, you’d better get used to the same old results.

Why Your Plan Might Be Obsolete

Somewhere, right now, your competition is getting ready to launch a new product. All our best plans are immediately out of date. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to your goals, it’s your “how” that has to evolve.