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5 Simple Steps to Be, Do, and Have Anything

Get What You Want, Now. I was behind again in getting ready to lead a workshop and jammed up with work when my alarm went off, reminding me it was time to leave for a ...
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How to persuade powerfully

Too often our pitches, and our other efforts to get yes, fail. Our attention is maybe in the wrong place, or we are subconsciously communicating "bad idea." We might not thinking about what they want, ...
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Workshop for SF Business Times

We all have powerful areas and moments in our lives where we feel really capable and effective. But, we also know that the feeling of power and flow is sometimes very hard to achieve ...
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How do you get in the Zone?

I’ve been reading today what some others have to say about The Zone and Flow State. There’s a lot of great writing on this but I was amused that one author wrote that "Being in ...
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Can you roll with it?

More lunchtime reflection. Last Friday I had some great news on a big project, and then this morning, Monday, I had some very frustrating news. My reaction was immediate, strong, and emotional. Fortunately, my reaction ...
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How to Reboot and Recharge a CEO

Have you ever felt like you were losing your passion? It’s not uncommon to lose your zeal when you experience setbacks. The good news is you can bounce back quickly by addressing the situation head ...
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Thoughts on the stages of a new habit

At the Oakland Grill counter. Post steak salad lunch, on a warm and sunny Friday. Avoiding my daily writing task. I took on writing daily but have not been hitting the daily part just yet ...
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What’s your Mission in Life?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, CEO, or aspiring executive, your personal mission statement can make a huge difference in your success. Do you have a personal mission statement? Some questions to consider are these:
  1. What ...
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Inspire yourself in tough moments

Free coaching session with Bill: ...
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Simple Habits for a Great, Big Life

What does it take to have a really big and satisfying life and to live it without compromise? This short talk shares 7 simple habits that give you that kind of life ...
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7 Simple Habits for big and powerful life.

Here's a quick list of my 7 simple habits for a big and powerful life. I'll be writing more on these soon, or you may hear about them in my talks and workshops.
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Roll with the punches!

Can you roll with the punches? My coaching client didn’t think he could take any more. He’d been avoiding a critical call because he already knew the answer would be “no” and he was stressed ...
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