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80/20 Seminar in Oakland

80/20 is a principle we are all familiar with, however, we are unaware of the problems it creates in our businesses, and more importantly, the opportunities it affords. We know there is a disproportionate amount ...
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Healthy Tension and Duality

I like to say that you have to be two-headed in all things to be happy. Having two opposing things be equally important, and yet pulling on each other, creates balance. The tension between things ...
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Inspiring Leaders

There are over 450 Million Google entries on Leadership, along with countless textbooks & courses available, but there are really only 4 core leadership skills: Inspiring, Recruiting, Planning/Executing, and Coaching. Inspiration:  Leaders have to be ...
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Wisdom from Twitter CEO Dick Costolo

Twitter's Dick Costolo makes 2 great points in this entertaining video. 1) Be in the moment (every moment, be present) 2) Make bold and courageous choices ...
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