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Our purpose and passion is helping leaders build a better world. We love helping people like you achieve your goals for growth.

You can count on us for:

  • The best growth tools that deliver real results.
  • Masterful coaching and facilitation that makes the process much easier.
  • A playful style that makes the journey more fun.

How we work (our values)

  • We learn as much from failure as from success. We share our experience with Courageous Authenticity
  • Innovating and creating new approaches for growth is what we do every day. For us, Creating is Living.
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    We believe that thinking is more valuable than having opinions and thoughts. We Think And Ask Why?
  • We aim to be growing and developing until the day we die. Never Finished is our way of life
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    We don’t take anything too seriously, especially ourselves. Laughter is on our agenda.


Bill Gallagher is a business coach and master facilitator with over 30 years of entrepreneurial and executive experience. Bill has spent the last 15 years coaching and training others in leadership and performance and previously led 4 companies of his own and been a partner or executive in 2 others. Bill discovered the Rockefeller Habits and Scaling Up 20 years ago, has used them in his own companies.

Our clients are:

  • Hungry to grow: Our favorite clients are looking for much more than 2x growth, typically 10x and beyond.
  • Coachable: You should be open and willing to try new approaches and new ways of looking at your business and yourself.
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    Playful: You need a little chemistry with your coach for easy communication and a great relationship.
  • Bandwidth: We will be working ON the business and need 1-2 days a quarter plus monthly coaching calls

Our Guarantee:

If we don’t meet or exceed your expectation take whatever discount you want.
Further details in our agreements.

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