Monthly Archives: September 2021

Neil Gordon — How to Tell a Story that Sticks

Ever wondered what makes a story stick? Do you have trouble getting your messaging to sound just right? Are your pitches just plain boring? Today’s guest is all about electrifying your story so that it’s on everybody’s minds.  Neil Gordon works with entrepreneurs, executives, influencers, and thought leaders to overcome their messaging struggles. He helps […]

Paul Brown — How to Attract Lifetime Customers

It can be difficult to hang on to your loyal customers as you begin to scale and grow, especially if you plan to increase your prices. Today’s guest knows a thing or two about keeping customers for life, no matter the circumstances. Paul Brown is the creator and writer of the What’s Offline column, which […]

Tuesday Tips — The Right Kind of Attention

Need more eyes on your business? We all understand the power of having something go viral, but where business owners fall short is that they are willing to do anything, no matter the costs, to get that attention. Here’s how you can be strategic in your quest for more attention and get the right kind […]