Tuesday’s Tips — Life’s Out of Whack

Are you feeling a little out of whack right now? Are you not quite sure what’s going on but you just feel “off”? Leaders go through these phases all the time. Here’s how you can get back on track.

Bill was working with a franchise client and it was apparent that this entrepreneur had her plate full. Not only did she have children and an ex-husband, but she had hobbies and activities and outside passions. All good things but, they were draining her.

This is where a life purpose comes in handy. When you have a clearer vision for your overall life, you can be really particular about what types of quality things you want to pursue and do in your life.

If you have a task that you aren’t passionate about doing, it’s important to find a new “why” so that you can change the narrative on the thing you hate and turn it into something you end up loving and can’t wait to do. This positive psychology trick is so powerful in helping you find joy in your life again!


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