Getting Real with Anastasia Leng — CreativeX

In this week’s episode of Getting Real, we learn about an entrepreneur and her journey towards working with some of the world’s leading companies and how she provides intentional, and measurable, creativity. 

Anastasia Leng is the Founder & CEO of CreativeX, an automated creative excellence platform that aims to showcase creative expression through the clarity of data. CreativeX is used globally by Fortune 500 brands like Heineken, Nestle, Unilever, and Facebook to measure creativity efficiency, consistency, and impact across their content. 

We are producing more content than we ever have before. What used to be easily managed by a team of people can no longer be done at scale. This is where the power of AI and data comes in. Anastasia leverages AI to help build a consistent tone of voice and image throughout a brand.

There are a lot of ‘little’ things you must think about and it’s impossible to do this at scale, especially when there are cross departmental teams to consider. Things like brand consistency, creative quality, and accurate representation, are all important factors at play. AI brings these important data points together to ensure a brand is producing the right creative message at all times. 

Anastasia learned from her previous startup that imagery and video were important to brands, but she couldn’t figure out what made certain videos click, and why others would fall short. She realized her company was running out of time and money, so she had to get smart. This is where the seed got planted and how CreativeX was eventually born. 

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