Tuesday’s Tips — Your Next Steps

What are your next steps? Do you know? Are you feeling a bit lost in your entrepreneurial journey and not sure what makes the most sense for you and your business? Bill has some thoughts for you!

Bill had a client who felt a bit scatterbrained on where she wanted to take her business. Although she had an idea or two of where she could go, she wasn’t exactly sure if it was the right path to take.

Bill took a step back. Instead of focusing on the business, he decided to help her rewrite her life and her story. The idea was to develop the ending first and then fill in the blanks. Once they both could see the end in mind, he then worked on rewriting the character.

However, this client had a particular view of who she was and how she had to show up and “be” in her company. It was a bit of a fixed mindset. The good thing, though, is that we aren’t wired for stagnation. You can improve and assume a new character role, with new skills and traits, to get your business propelling forward in the right direction.


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