Getting Real with Nora Herting — Image Think.

Today’s Getting Real episode is all about the importance of visualizing the future and how it can help your business and your business trajectory. 

Nora Herting is the Founder of Image Think and is passionate about expanding peoples’ definition of creativity and believes the best way to meet the demands of business today is to take a visual approach that blends strategic thinking with creative expression. Nora is also the author of Draw Your Big Idea, which has inspired thousands to think visually and access their own creativity. 

Nora helps leaders and companies move from insight, the theoretical, into action! She helps leaders visualize in real time all their big ideas and to help craft a smart, and realistic path forward. This future projection has done wonders and it brings clarity and reduces complexity in the business. 

Nora is the first in her generation to go to college, however she found herself unhappy and not really living the path she had truly wanted. In the spur of the moment, she decided to quit her job and move to New York City with no plan. 

Fast forward 12 years later and she and her team deliver 350 engagements a year and have worked in 27 countries. Nora’s company is founded on the concept of bringing visuals to a particular industry skill set and fusing the art of business together. 

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