Victoria Kennedy — Leverage Your Personal Brand for Business Growth

Your personal brand is everything and you can use your personality, your voice, to enhance your business brand and get more out of life. Today’s guest showcases why, and how, PR is the way to go to hit the next step in your business!

Victoria Kennedy is the CEO of Victorious PR, a media agency that helps Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Brokerages, Mortgage Companies, and Solar Businesses get featured in industry-specific publications, local press, podcasts, and top publications to be seen as Industry Leaders in their fields.

Growing up, Victoria wanted to be an opera singer and she even had a number one hit single in Europe! Victoria was heavily pitching editors and TV producers to get her music out there, and that’s where she discovered she had a PR talent. Unfortunately, Victoria’s European Visa did not renew and she had to find another way to make a living back home in the U.S..

Victoria had dedicated her whole life to singing, she didn’t have any other skills. She was dirt poor and realized that she could go all-in in her business. She took a course, and within the first month, she made her money back.

When the pandemic happened, Victoria’s real estate marketing business took a big hit, so she had to pivot. She knew that her clients needed her more than ever, so she went to the largest real estate magazine in the world, and in 60 days she became their brand ambassador, a contributor, and was asked to speak at their event. PR opens so many doors for you if you know how to do it correctly!

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