Tuesday’s Tips — Feeling Trapped?

Oh no! Do you hate your job or feel like you’re trapped in your business? Don’t worry! It happens to all of us from time to time but there is a way to proactively tackle this dilemma.

Bill walks his clients through an eye-opening exercise called: FACE: Functional Accountability Chart Exercise. It forces the CEO to look at all the jobs an organization has and its critical importance. It turned out that the CEO actually didn’t want most of the jobs that were listed in FACE despite his name being responsible for most of those roles.

Are you someone who loves your business, but not all the ‘moving’ parts of the business? By going through FACE, you can quickly see what makes sense to outsource right away to get some of your energy back, and bring you to a more enjoyable work space.

You can give all these roles away and make other people, who would be excellent for the role, more accountable in these different seats. This free up so much time and you’ll find a new love for your business once again.


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