Karen Tiber Leland — Make Time For Marketing

Marketing can be a big monster to tackle all at once. Everyone knows it’s importance, yet it seems no one really has enough time for it. Today’s guest shares how to get ahead of marketing so that you can lead it, direct it, and be intentional with it.

Karen Tiber Leland is the Founder of Sterling Marketing Group, a branding, and marketing strategy and implementation firm helping CEOs, executives, and Entrepreneurs develop strong personal, business, and thought leadership brands.

One of the biggest breakdowns people have is, how do they make time for marketing when they have ‘real’ business things to focus on? Believe it or not, even marketing firms struggle with this! They’re so busy helping other people’s marketing that they end up neglecting their own. Truth is, it’s hard to make time for your own thing.

Everything going on in the background, the news, the pandemic, the economy; all these external things that you can’t control, it slows things down in your brain and they steal your focus. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re feeling not ‘as productive’ lately. Your brain is absorbing all the wrong things.

Do you have magical thinking when it comes to your to-do list? Meaning, the moment you write it down, you know it’s ‘magically’ just going to happen? For the most part, the things that we write in our to-do list for that day, do not get done. How do you win at this? Pick ONLY 1-4 things that are critical for today’s success, and be okay with that result.

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