Getting Real with Tatiana Soldatova — Syllable Design

This week’s entrepreneur talks about breaking out of the status quo and creating a company that goes against the grain from the other companies like it within the industry.

Tatiana Soldatova has a passion for bringing great minds together on complex projects to push boundaries and innovate. She is the co-founder of Syllable Inc., an award-winning retail, corporate, and multi-unit residential design firm based in Toronto, Canada.

When Tatiana was in design school, she knew she wanted to have her own practice, and she knew she wanted to do things slightly differently than the way it’s always been done. “Stay in your lane,” was often advice she’d receive from older designers in the industry and Tatiana wanted to create a more collaborative environment in her company.

One of her biggest challenges is cash flow and putting a premium price on the type of work her company provides. Despite Tatiana’s extensive experience, she struggled at the beginning with undervaluing some of her offers and consulting bids. However, she realized really quickly that you can’t grow as a company if you’re not pricing yourself according to your value.

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