Getting Real with Brittany Phelps — Prana Preneurs

Today’s entrepreneur shares her love for movement, the outdoors, yoga, and the importance of living and leading a joyous life through connection with your body and mind.

Brittany Phelps is the Founder of Prana Preneurs, a mentorship program for entrepreneurs passionate about creating conscious businesses. She works with her clients to help them feel good about the business they’re building and the wealth they’re receiving from it.

Brittany fell in love with yoga and when the owner of her local yoga studio expressed interest in moving on or selling the business, Brittany jumped on the opportunity and decided to dive headfirst into the yoga business.

With her yoga studio being so in-person, how has COVID-19 affected her business? Brittany had to close in the beginning, and they later opened with 30% capacity. She had to get smart and pivot. She now hosts classes online as well as outside. Brittany was lucky, she had no business debt, so she was able to do things a little smarter and pivot in a way that did not overstress her financials.

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