Getting Real with Ryan Kugler — Plan B Distribution

Today’s entrepreneur got his start in the entertainment industry and has experienced more than one lucky break in his career. He shares some of the best advice, and biggest mistakes, he’s made in his career in this week’s episode!

Ryan Kugler is an entrepreneur and strategist with over 25 years of experience in building profitable businesses from conception within both Fortune-500 organizations as well as newly launched startups. He operates on a few key principles: “Be nice to everyone, always return phone calls, and stay in communication with everyone.”

COVID-19 has been a big challenge to Ryan’s businesses. Ryan runs three companies simultaneously and his staff all work on each of them. Every day it’s something new for them. However, they were able to shift and pivot the businesses into new areas to help with the changing times. The second biggest challenge for Ryan is technology. It’s ever-changing and it’s so fast-paced that it’s difficult to keep up with.

Ryan has a policy that if they’re trying to purchase something or sell something and it takes a long time for the third-party or client to approve, it’s a warning sign and they just walk away from the deal. If it’s hard during the courtship, you know it’ll get worse a lot later on.


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