Getting Real with Kait LeDonne — Brandwise Media

This week’s entrepreneur shares her story from corporate America to going her own way in the personal branding space. She shares some of her biggest mistakes, challenges, and more!

Kait LeDonne is the Founder of Brandwise Media, a personal branding agency based in New York, which builds executive and author personal brands using content marketing strategies through social media. Kait is also the author of The Attraction Magnet and is regularly featured in national and international publications as a commentator on celebrity and corporate brands.

Kait’s superpower is the ability to authentically share her thoughts and herself online. She believes this was a key to discovering her natural strengths in personal branding and having her network reach out countless times to get their personal brand off the ground.

Kait started her business when she was 26 and she had to really overcome her feelings of imposter syndrome. After that hurdle, she was then faced with how to scale her business in a way that would be sustainable. It’s a fine dance she has to do every day in making sure each department has the resources they need.

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