Monthly Archives: April 2021

Bo Brabo — Execute with Precision

Building and maintaining teams in an operational setting is a critical pillar for many entrepreneurs, but if you make a mistake in this arena, it can cause harm. Today’s guest shares how you avoid these mistakes and execute with precision. Robert “Bo” Brabo is a retired U.S. Army Chief of HR Operations with the White […]

Tuesday’s Tips — Too Distracted? Too Unfocused?

Are you prone to getting distracted by the latest and greatest? Do you feel like you’ve just got too many projects on your plate, and you’re not sure which one has the priority? Two of Bill’s clients would always come to him with the latest book or idea that they learned and wanted to implement. […]

Getting Real with Mike Gunderson — Gunderson Direct

Have you played small in your business? Are you still playing small and hesitating on some core moves that you know will move the needle in your business a lot further? Today’s entrepreneur has some solutions for you! Mike Gunderson is the Founder of Gunderson Direct, Inc., a direct marketing agency that helps businesses drive […]