Dan Morris — The 4 Rs to A Maximized Sales Process

Let’s talk about sales! If you don’t have sales in your business, you’re pretty much a dead fish in the water. Today’s guest expert has all the insider tips on how to make your business soar! 

Dan Morris is an Investor, Advisor, and B2B Growth Expert. He is hyper focused on helping businesses grow via strategy, mentorship, and leveraging the tools and connections in their market. Dan ran a successful marketing agency and grew it to a 60+ people organization with multi-million dollars in top-line revenue. 

The key to any successful strategy is to review, refine, and roll out those new changes. By doing that, you can see some big percentage increases. Dan worked with a team that saw a 225% increase in conversion rate and average order size by 40%. 

When you look at the sales process in an organization, it usually doesn’t exist or it hasn’t been updated in a long time. The key is to always look back and update it, and to roll out continuous training to the team so that they can keep it in the back of their mind. 

You can find fantastic sales people, but why leave it up to talent alone to get your sales pipeline full? By having a strong system in place, you don’t leave things up to ‘chance’ or ‘talent’, and you have a faster way of accessing what’s working for your organization.

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