Monthly Archives: March 2021

Dan McGaw — Leverage Your Marketing Data

Feel like you’ve thrown money at marketing and have no idea what the ROI was on it? How many times have you felt like you were spinning your wheels and like your marketing dollars weren’t going as far as they could? Today’s guest knows how to spend your marketing dollars wisely to get the results […]

Tuesday’s Tips — Can’t Seem to Delegate?

Do you have a decent size team, but you still seem to be overworked and taking on a bigger load than necessary? Are you having trouble just letting go of the responsibilities? Don’t worry, this is a common problem entrepreneurs and CEOs have. We want to make sure things look right, and are running smoothly, […]

Getting Real with Shelby Scarbrough — Practical Protocol

Shelby Scarbrough has led an interesting career throughout her life and shares some of her lucky breaks, biggest regrets, her struggle with perfectionism, and more in this week’s episode! Shelby began her career in the White House as a member of President Ronald Reagan’s advance team, where she helped coordinate such landmark events as the […]

Mike Maddock — Is An Entrepreneur Forum Right For You?

We have a returning guest for you today! Today’s guest talks about entrepreneurial forums and how beneficial they can be for your growth as a business owner, but only if you get plugged into the right community. Mike Maddock is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, executive coach, and writer. He calls himself an Idea Monkey because […]

Tuesday’s Tips — Made a Wrong Hire

Do you have some of the wrong people still lingering around in your business that you can’t seem to let go of? You know in your gut that they’re not the right fit, but you still have a hard time pulling the trigger? There’s nothing wrong with believing in your people, but the truth is […]

Getting Real with Noam Birnbaum — Ignition

Noam Bimbaum is part of the EO San Francisco East Bay Group. The EO organization was critical in his success when it came to getting over the $1M in revenue mark, but it wasn’t easy and he shares his open entrepreneurial struggles on this week’s episode! Noam is the Founder & CEO of Ignition, inc, […]

Tuesday’s Tips — Are Your Numbers Down?

Do you feel like your business has become stagnant, or worse, your sales have dropped? What about other areas of the business? Are you just not happy with the growth (or lack of) that you’re seeing?  Bill was working with a company where everything was cruising along nicely, until all of a sudden, their orders […]

Warren Rustand — Tried and True Leadership Principles

Today’s guest is a legendary person in his own right and he’s out with a special new book about leadership. He lays down an actionable blueprint in this week’s episode on how to become the person you always wanted to be. Warren Rustand is a visionary that has led many successful private, public, and not-for-profit […]

Getting Real with Jack Rhiel — Sonoma Car Care

Jack chats with Bill to talk about his entrepreneurial journey and how he had a business in ’92 that was not recession-proof. Jack shares some of the challenges he’s learned along the way, especially when it came to finding his replacement so he could get out of the business, and so much more on this […]

Dan Morris — The 4 Rs to A Maximized Sales Process

Let’s talk about sales! If you don’t have sales in your business, you’re pretty much a dead fish in the water. Today’s guest expert has all the insider tips on how to make your business soar!  Dan Morris is an Investor, Advisor, and B2B Growth Expert. He is hyper focused on helping businesses grow via […]

Tuesday’s Tips — Improve Team Performance

Are you frustrated with your team’s performance? Do you feel like they just keep letting you down? Are you having days where you just feel like you just have the wrong team and you just want to start all over? Bill was coaching a CEO and the biggest complaint was that his team was passive, […]

Getting Real with Elliot Kallen — Prosperity Financial Group

Bill chats with Elliot Kallen to uncover some of the early challenges he’s had in his life and how he used one of his core principles of making a positive impact on people’s finances to start his company and charity. Elliot Kallen is a leader who brings over 30 years of robust entrepreneurial business ownership […]