Scaling Up Insights — Coach Panel with Herb Cogliano, Roberto Erario, Liat Lazar, Anita Cabell

We have four coach panelists to discuss the upcoming holiday season, the recent loss of Zappos Founder Tony Hsieh, good communication protocols, and some of the top-tier things to think about as we grow for the new year. 

A bit about our expert coaches: Herb Cogliano runs his own advisory practice based on the Scaling Up and the Rockefeller Habits methodology. Roberto Erario is an International Business and Leadership Coach with more than 20 years of experience and was a former executive in the banking industry.

Liat was an HR executive for about 20-plus years for two Fortune 500 companies and is the first Scaling Up coach in Israel. Anita Cabell is the Founder of Leading Edge and has been in the Chinese market for the last 18-plus years as a Scaling Up Coach.

“Managers can waste a lot of time at the outset of a crisis denying that something went wrong. Skip that step” -Jack Welch. Roberto loves Jack Welch, but doesn’t agree with the quote. It’s unrealistic to skip steps when you’re in the trenches of it. Instead, work with human nature. When reading that quote, Herb believes Jack met that leaders need to ordinate quickly to a crisis and not be stuck like a deer in the headlights. 

So many entrepreneurs have used Tony Hsieh’s example of how to build a company like Zappos into their own companies. His passing has been a real loss. News has come out that Tony struggled with depression and addiction yet he was so focused on bringing happiness to everyone else. That was his mantra. 

The two things entrepreneurs and c-suite executives like to hide the most are: Their cash flow numbers and their feelings. Bill has seen executives go through emotional breakdowns and have their mental wellbeing completely collapse. These high-achievers are more prone to burnout than the average person, so it’s critical that leaders get their rest and put their own oxygen mask on first.  

Anita understands. When it comes to doing good work, 95% of it is psychological. Focus on the mindset first and then everything else will follow. When Herb was a CEO, he was so invested in the company, that everything outside of that suffered. He wasn’t balanced and that imbalance made him a lesser leader. 

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