Monthly Archives: December 2020

Jeremy Bodenhamer — Adapt or Die

No matter what industry you’re in, there are lessons for all of us on how we can be more adaptable to new environments and circumstances. No one has a crystal ball, so how can we prepare mentally for what’s to come? Today’s guest has some answers. Jeremy Bodenhamer is the Co-Founder & CEO of ShipHawk, […]

Daniel Ramsey — Get More Time Freedom from Your Business

Working smarter within a smaller time frame is every entrepreneur and C-suite executive’s dream, but how do you get it done without playing out all the old cliches? Today’s guest discusses how you can use practical times to get your time and sanity back. Daniel Ramsey is the Founder and CEO of MyOutDesk, the highest-rated […]

Jonathan Goldhill — A Business that Lasts Generations

Do you have dreams of passing the business down to your children? Do your children have an interest in the business you’ve started? If yes, then how do you keep a business so strong that it will last many generations to come? Our guest has some answers. Jonathan Goldhill is a business coach and strategist […]