Monthly Archives: November 2020

Joey Chandler — Discovering Your Purpose and Drive

Are you stuck on trying to find your purpose? What is purpose and how do you know when you’ve really struck gold? Today’s guest has worked with thousands of people to drive down and live their true purpose. Joey Chandler started out as a photographer and video producer and this experience laid down the foundation […]

Andre Norman — Believe in Second Chances

If things in your business and professional life seem dim and impossible to turn around right now, then this is an episode for you. Today’s guest has experienced it all and was able to create new opportunities for himself despite slim odds.  Do you believe in second chances? Andre Norman does. His work has led […]

Shelby Scarbrough — The Practice of Civility

Can you put a metric around civility or kindness in your business? And if so, what really is the business value of good customer and employee civility? Today’s guest showcases how you can create civility in your organization and why it’s important to practice it all throughout your company. Shelby Scarbrough began her career in […]