George Papazov — Start Small and Keep Scaling Up!

This episode is about an early-stage entrepreneur that used the Rockefeller Habits in Scaling Up early on his in company’s growth and was able to scale it to a million in sales within a couple of years. You will learn about his story and how he was able to keep it small.

George Papazov started his trading career at Scotiabank and roughly 10 years later he launched TradePro, an academy to help provide trading education, growth, and collaboration. George trades daily with his community of professional traders and is also a licensed Master Practitioner of NLP.

George started his business a bit backward. He spent long hours creating content and when he finally launched the website, nobody came! George was wondering how he could turn this into a viable business and his wife introduced him to the Rockefeller Habits. After reading it, things started to click.

Through the book, he was able to take a complex goal and verbalize it in a simple sentence. This was incredibly helpful for George because it helped him not get side-tracked when developing their product. Also, by developing their brand promise early on, it was very clear what they stood for and what they wouldn’t tolerate.

The next step George took was getting clear on what KPIs were important to the company. This was critical when George began growing from a one-man-show to an entire team. He needed his staff to be accountable and the KPIs helped him through that.

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by Verne Harnish


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