Bill Gallagher — Big Moves for Crisis Leadership

Each day this week, Bill has been sharing a podcast about important information you need to know during a crisis. We first started with Warren Rustand, who discussed leading in a time of crisis; followed by Heidi Hanna covering the mental health aspects of dealing with a crisis.

Greg Crabtree covered business financials, Rich Manders spoke about how to create a Plan B without panic, Cameron Herold discussed how to execute during a crisis, and finally, Verne Harnish talked about the 5Cs for leading in a crisis. 

In this episode, Bill offers up his top 5 moves during this fluid time.  First, don’t try to fake it. If you have concerns or fears, lean into it and face it. Don’t you try to avoid it or replace it, or numb it.  By developing your emotional intelligence and awareness, this gives you an excellent opportunity to show up as a leader and be there for your team as well.

Also, don’t feel like you need to have a fully thought-through strategy. Leaders feel like they need a plan right now to guide them, but it’s hard to develop one when you don’t really know what’s happening yet. Get ready to plan on the go at a time like this. Sometimes you can even involve your team to help create the plan with you. It doesn’t have to all be on your shoulders.

Use this opportunity to create leaders within your team. It’s really essential that you lead even before you have a foolproof plan, but you can start by just engaging with your team and letting them know you’re there for them. By pooling your resources together, you will be able to discover unique solutions to current problems.


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