Monthly Archives: March 2020

Bill Gallagher — Big Moves for Crisis Leadership

Each day this week, Bill has been sharing a podcast about important information you need to know during a crisis. We first started with Warren Rustand, who discussed leading in a time of crisis; followed by Heidi Hanna covering the mental health aspects of dealing with a crisis. Greg Crabtree covered business financials, Rich Manders […]

Verne Harnish — The 5 C’s For Leading in a Crisis

Panic is contagious out there but so is leadership. It’s time for leaders to rise up! This is why we have a very special guest today and that’s Verne Harnish. He has spent 38 years working with the best leaders dealing with crises and has some words of wisdom for you today. Things are changing […]

Cameron Herold — Execution During a Crisis

Basic routines still matter as you are going through change and a bit of disruption in your standard patterns. Focus and great execution will help get you through this period of stress and uncertainty. Cameron Herold is a business consultant, best-selling author, and speaker. He built two million dollar companies by the age of 35 […]

Rich Manders — Creating Your Plan B Without Panic

How do you move from surviving to thriving during the worst pandemic crisis we’ve seen in a very long time? You can write your own breakthrough growth story right now. Today, you’ll learn how to use the Strengths, Weaknesses, and Trends (SWT) tool to help accelerate your growth. Rich Manders was the Co-Founder of iAutomation, […]

Greg Crabtree — Keeping Your Business Financials Healthy

Cash is a king and you can’t survive without cash. You also cannot take advantage of opportunities without cash. If you’ve prepared well, you have a big cash reserve right now and you will be able to maximize your return on luck during this period. However, what happens if you don’t currently have enough in […]

Warren Rustand — Leading in a Time of Crisis

How do you lead people when you don’t know what’s going on? Or when you have no plan in place for an unexpected crisis? Teams are desperate for your leadership. This episode is one of a series of five episodes on the five big moves leaders need to make right now during a crisis. Warren […]

Lindsay Pedersen — Building an Ironclad Brand

How do you get your marketing to work better? How do you know when your messaging is working and how do you optimize it for maximum conversions? If you’re worried about whether your message is hitting home for your customers, chances are you have a branding issue. Lindsay Pedersen is a brand strategist and author. […]

George Papazov — Start Small and Keep Scaling Up!

This episode is about an early-stage entrepreneur that used the Rockefeller Habits in Scaling Up early on his in company’s growth and was able to scale it to a million in sales within a couple of years. You will learn about his story and how he was able to keep it small. George Papazov started […]